Online spring cleaning


It isn’t spring yet, but it was the moment to start cleaning up my photography web presence. In the past I created a profile on several online photography services that allow you to show your images online. Because it isn’t easy to update all those profiles, I decided to keep just 1 place to keep my online images. Since I’m happy with the service SmugMug offers, I will continue to use that and abandon all other online photography services. So abandoned my 500px, Flickr and Behance profiles and left behind an I-moved-out-message at those services.

My SmugMug portfolio can be found on

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I moved my photography portfolio from 500px to SmugMug

Since 500px is plans to phase out Portfolios in the future, I already moved my portfolio. The portfolio with custom domain were the only reason I still had an “Awesome” account at 500px, so I wont be renewing that. As a new location for my portfolio I chose SmugMug. You can find my new portfolio on the same location: Unfortunately SmugMug doesn’t offer https yet for custom domains. In 2017 that is a shame, but for now it’ll be on http only. Have a look at it!

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I pulled all my images from the 500px marketplace

Today I pulled all my images from the 500px market place. I did it for 2 reasons:

  • I never sold an image via the 500px market place.
  • They reduced the percentage the photographer gets from 70% to 30%. So it’s no use in using their marketplace anymore.

So from now on, if anyone wants to use any my images, they’ll have to write me an e-mail and we’ll settle a deal directly.

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