I pulled all my images from the 500px marketplace

Today I pulled all my images from the 500px market place. I did it for 2 reasons:

  • I never sold an image via the 500px market place.
  • They reduced the percentage the photographer gets from 70% to 30%. So it’s no use in using their marketplace anymore.

So from now on, if anyone wants to use any my images, they’ll have to write me an e-mail and we’ll settle a deal directly.

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A new design for my portfolio

Recently 500px launched a complete new version of their portfolio system. Because there were some things in the old version I didn’t like and they promised the new ones to be much more customisable, I tried them as soon as posible. And I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The basic setup is pretty easy, but after that you can play around with a lot more settings and even customize your CSS. So I chose one of the new portfolio templates and adjusted it to my own preferences. And now I’m a very happy photographer. Check it out! Of course it can be found at http://noroadhome.com.

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How to photograph a sparrowhawk at your own home.

Sometimes the best place to take pictures is your own home. But recently I was quite surprised to see a sparrowhawk on the roof of our kitchen. It had just caught a pigeon and so it was pretty busy at the time. I went upstairs because of the weird and loud noise I heard. I took my camera right away because I had the feeling there would be something special to see.

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