I pulled all my images from the 500px marketplace

Today I pulled all my images from the 500px market place. I did it for 2 reasons:

  • I never sold an image via the 500px market place.
  • They reduced the percentage the photographer gets from 70% to 30%. So it’s no use in using their marketplace anymore.

So from now on, if anyone wants to use any my images, they’ll have to write me an e-mail and we’ll settle a deal directly.

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To watermark or not not watermark that is the question

A lot of professional and amateur photographers use watermarks on their images to protect their copyright. On the other hand if the only reason is to show you made the image, there are probably better ways than watermarks to do so. Adding watermarks can be useful, but (there’s always a but) is it the right way to protect your copyrights. Well, it all depends. First things first, why do you put your precious images on the internet. The main reason – to my humble opinion – is to promote yourself as a photographer. I can’t imagine another reason than to show of your capabilities as a photographer, because you want to sell more photographs or you just want some appreciation for your capabilities as a photographer.

So if you don’t want other people to pretend to have made your great pictures, you need to copyright protect them. And it’s then those watermarks come into the story. At this point you should ask yourself some questions.

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