How to photograph a sparrowhawk at your own home.

Sometimes the best place to take pictures is your own home. But recently I was quite surprised to see a sparrowhawk on the roof of our kitchen. It had just caught a pigeon and so it was pretty busy at the time. I went upstairs because of the weird and loud noise I heard. I took my camera right away because I had the feeling there would be something special to see.

When I came to the window I was about 2 meter away from the bird and just kept looking at me. Apparently it wasn’t really scared (I don’t know if it was because I’m a really nice person or it was too busy to think about me), so I could take 20 pictures and I made a 10 second video. And then the doorbell rang and I had to go down to let my father and brother in. With the three of us we went upstairs again and we could watch the sparrowhawk for about 5 minutes – and I made some more pictures and another short video – and then it flew away. So how to photograph a sparrowhawk at your own home? Just be very lucky, because it was the very first time I saw one. I’m still very impressed by the bird, it’s so beautiful. On the two images below you can see this great animal on the roof of our kitchen.

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